Mod 0 Technical Assessment Carefully read all instructions below BEFORE starting!


This assessment should take you approximately 85 minutes total - be sure you are in a quiet space, free from distractions before you begin the assessment.

The assessment will be broken into two parts - a timed, multiple choice test AND a program-specific short exerise you will complete on your local machine and push to GitHub.

Multiple Choice Test Directions

  • You will have 25 minutes to complete a 25-question multiple choice test.
  • You may use your notes, session slides, online resources, etc. BUT be careful to keep an eye on the time remaining!
  • You must get an 80% or higher to pass this portion of the assessment.
  • If you do not pass this portion of the assessment, you must repeat Mod 0 before considered ready for promotion to Mod 1.

Program-Specific Exercise

  • This exercise should take you no longer than 60 minutes total to complete
  • You will be working on your local machine and pushing your changes to a GitHub repo you will create
  • If you make an error/typo in one of your commit messages, don’t waste time trying to change it - just focus on writing a correct message in your subsequent commits
  • Your instructors will review your work after you submit and may ask you to make revisions before you are considered Turing Ready
  • If your work falls far below expectations, you will likely not have an opportunity to make revisions and instead must repeat Mod 0 before considered ready for promotion to Mod 1

Assessment Evaluation

After completing the assessment, your instructors will evaluate your readiness for Mod 0 based on your technical proficiency. They will determine one of three outcomes:

  1. Passing technical assessment, no revisions required
  2. Passing technical assessment after a small number of revisions
  3. Failing technical assessment, requires repeat of Mod 0

As a reminder, the technical assessment is only ONE of the data points we use to evaluate readiness for the program. You may still be asked to repeat Mod 0 if you have struggled to show proficiency with professional skills, accountability, interpersonal skills, etc.

Your instructors will leave feedback directly in your Github repository via an Issue - be sure to have notifictions set to receive emails on your Github so you will be notified when your feedback has come through and check your email a few days after submitting the assessment.

Ready to Begin?

Click this link when you are ready to begin your assessment!

You got this