Before Mod 0 Tasks to Complete

Before your first Mod 0 session, we ask that you complete the following tasks to familiarize yourself with the tools we use on a regular basis and ensure that you are set up to be successful.


  1. Notetaking @ Turing (20 mins)
  2. Computer Setup (30 mins)
  3. Zoom Setup + Housekeeping (5 mins)
  4. Slack (15 mins)
  5. FE vs BE (10 mins)
  6. Remote Workspace (5 mins)
  7. Thoughts on Professionalism (5 mins)

Notetaking @ Turing

Many of you are diving back into an academic setting for the first time in awhile. To be clear, the Turing experience is likely MUCH different than your previous academic experiecnes! We will use Mod 0 to start preparing you to kick ass at Turing and start your transformation into a developer off on the right foot.

One area we notice students struggle with is HOW and WHEN to take notes, especially when it comes to technical content. We’ve put together a short activity to show you some examples of what “strong” notes look like at Turing and give you some time to reflect on what stands out to you!

Click here to begin the notetaking activity and begin to setup your own notebook!

Complete the Turing Computer Setup

It is critical that you set up your computer according to the instructions outlined in the Computer Setup! You can access the Computer Setup instructions on the left sidebar any time or click here!

Zoom Setup + Housekeeping

Since Turing is a remote school, we will use Zoom for our video conferencing software for class, group projects, etc.

  • Sign up for Zoom
  • Update your name in your profile following this pattern: First Name, Last Initial, Preferred Pronouns, Program - Eric W (he/him), FE
  • Learn how to raise your hand
  • Give your Zoom account screen sharing permission and microphone permission
  • BONUS: Learn keyboard shortcut for using Emoji in MacOS (COMMAND + SPACE when you are in a text field!)


Slack is our main communication tool at Turing. You will receive an invite to join the Turing Slack a few days before you are scheduled to start your Mod 0 session. To ensure that you are prepared for your first session…

  • Watch the Slack Tutorial Video
  • Join your specific mod-0 channel (check email for invite)
  • Upload a clear and appropriate Headshot for your Profile image
  • Set up your Slack profile
  • Practice the following skills AND take notes on how to perform them in your notebook!
    • How to start a thread
    • How to reply in a thread
    • How to format an inline code example
    • How to create a larger code snippet, like such:
        You can create multi-line
        code snippets in Slack
        That make it easier to share larger blocks of code

FE vs BE Activity

While you likely have picked your track for Turing, it’s still critical to understand how front-end and back-end works together!

  • Watch this video
  • Stop the video when prompted and take notes on the following:
    • What do you think is happening on the front-end? What do you think is happening on the back-end?

Remote Workspace

Be sure to get your supplies and workspace prepared to crush Mod 0 and beyond!

Read Thoughts on Professionalism

Read these reflections from a former student and take notes on the following:

  1. What stood out to you as you read this?
  2. What surprised you after reading this?
  3. How will this impact your approach to Mod 0?

You will be sharing these reflections during your first session of Mod 0!

Setup Homework Board

Follow the instructions in the Homework section for getting your Trello board set up!