Pairing Session 4


Learning Goals

  • Get to know another classmate and collaborate on technical work
  • Fluently screen share, type in front of others, and communicate technical concepts


Before meeting with your partner, identify 1-2 technical topics covered in Mod 0 that have been most challenging or interesting so far. Go back to those lessons and find a practice activity that you will Navigate for. Bookmark the link, or copy-and-paste the text in your notes app or a Slack DM to yourself; come prepared to the session ready to work on it!


Spend a few minutes getting to know each other and sharing what you selected for your pairing exercise.

Then, decide who will Drive and who will Navigate first.


No exercises are provided as you each brought exercises to the pairing session!


There isn’t a reflection for this pairing session specifically, but you will be asked to reflect on your experience and learning from the 4+ pairing sessions in your Final Reflection Video.