Creating your HW Board

All of the Mod 0 work is organized on a Mod 0 Trello board

This board allows for a methodology called kanban (I would google the term if you’re unfamiliar) to organize and update you tasks

Mod 0 HW x Mod 1 Prework

During your time in Mod 0, you will have HW that is due at the beginning of each session. The Before Mod 0 activities can be considered your first HW assignment that will be due before the first session!

In addition to your HW assignments, you will also have to work on your Mod 1 Prework throughout the course of Mod 0. Check the Mod 1 Prework section for more details, but be prepared to budget around 30-40 additional hours to complete these assignments! As you can imagine, time management will be crucial to successfully completing Mod 0 and the Turing program.

If you find yourself falling behind, it is your responsibility to proactively reach out to your instructors to gameplan how to get caught up - treat your instructors as your colleagues AND your project managers!

Getting Feedback on HW

Your instructors will leave feedback directly on your HW Gists by leaving a comment. You should ensure that you have Notifications set in your GitHub that will alert you when someone comments via email.

For your HW, Technical Assessment and Mod 1 Prework you will be receiving feedback directly in GitHub via comments and/or Issues.


The homework and Mod 1 Prework are designed to push you out of your comfort zone. We are looking to see how you grapple with these concepts and are not as concerned about getting a correct solution. However, if you do get stuck be sure to ask your question in your Mod 0 Slack channel! This will lead to the fastest answers to your questions and will allow everyone to benefit from the question you ask.

However, before asking your question(s) be sure to check out Asking for Help section to ensure you are setting yourself up to ask questions that lead to answers!

Review Videos

Click here for some review videos to help with some of the concepts we go over in Mod 0 and the Mod 1 Prework.