Where to Get Info

The transition of changing careers and joining a new school community is a lot. We understand that this time can feel a bit like a whirlwind! As an incoming student, it’s important to be armed with information - and if you don’t find the information you need - to know where to go for it. This page is a guide for how to get the info that Mod 0 students typically need.

NOTE: The main form of communication for enrolled students is Slack. Please use that in all communication with Turing staff members in the future.

Enrollment Questions

In order to secure a seat as a student at Turing, one must complete all the registration paperwork (including uploading HS Transcripts and getting them approved) and pay their deposit. If you have any questions regarding your status with those items or your start dates, please first check your Populi account. If you still have questions or need to make a change to your enrollment status, please contact Launa Gardner on Slack.

Tuition Questions

If you are enrolled in Mod 0, that means you’ve paid your deposit. The remainder of your tuition is due 30 days prior to your Mod 1 start date. Turing does provides financial counseling, however, it is the students responsibility to take advantage of that resource if needed, and that should be done well in advance of the tuition deadline as exceptions will not be made. To set up a financial counseling session or ask clarifying questions about your tuition, please contact Tamika Shipp on Slack.

Computer Setup Challenges

As stated in communications leading up to your Mod 0 start date, some time spent setting up your Turing issed computer is required before attending your first session. If you experience any difficulties after carefully following the directions, please post those concerns in your Mod 0 Slack channel. Your difficulty may be something students frequently encounter, so posting it publicly allows more people to help you and may also benefit others if they experience the same thing. If it is a very unique situation, an instructor will follow-up individually.

Again, it is essential that your computer is set up for the first day of Mod 0, so reach out proactively - well before the day of your first Session!

Technical Questions

As a Mod 0 student, you’ll be attending classes, previewing and reviewing lessons, and completing self-paced work throughout. Even though the main focus of Mod 0 is to support you in having the tools, habits, and mindsets necessary for success in Mod 1, you will do some technical work. It is inevitable that questions will come up, and that’s a good thing!

Your Mod 0 Slack channel is the first place you should ask technical questions.

Posting questions there increases collaboration - opportunities to get various perspectives on your question as well as benefitting others who may have the same question. For that reason, instructors will not answer technical questions via DMs.