Mod 0 Project

The Mod 0 Project will give you an opportunity to practice breaking up a big task into small pieces and managing your time to complete it. Time management and breaking down problems is a huge part of being a developer and a Turing student. Completion of the project should also give you a boost of confidence as you go into Mod 1; professional and technical concepts are intentionally built in to support your success in the first weeks of Mod 1.

Mod 0 Project Overview

The Mod 0 Project typically takes about 35 hours to complete. Careful time management will be necessary for you to complete this work by the deadline. The deadline can be found on the Mod 0 Calendar.

The project involves both technical and career development work. The expectation is that ALL sections are complete, and submitted by the deadline. This is a requirement to start Mod 1.

Do NOT work on your project within GitHub’s interface - This project was intentionally built in a way that requires you to use your tools, two of which are Git and GitHub. Also, if you are working directly in GitHub’s interface to edit your work, you will likely run into some issues keeping your work in sync.

Next Steps / Extensions

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