Beyond Mod 0 Plan


As you finish Mod 0 and now have a few weeks until Mod 1 starts, your team of Instructors want to support you in maintaining strong habits, taking care of yourself, and coming into Mod 1 in a great place. To do this well, you need to approach this precious time thoughtfully.

Create a presentation of a plan for how you will use the time from now through the start of Mod 1 to ensure you set yourself up for success. The format can be whatever format works for you - it can be a few screenshots, a short video explaining your plan, a few paragraphs explaining your plan, a list of links to a variety of artifacts, a slide deck including a variety of artifacts, or a combination of anything else. You should treat this like a short presentation you are giving at work, to convince someone that you have a strong plan.

There may be a lot of variety in what these plans look like, but every plan should include:

  • some sort of regular routine for hands-on the keyboard
  • calendared out time for the point above

Some things to consider based on your needs:

  • Quality time with family and friends
  • Deep clean of your living space
  • Work from home, desk, etc. setup
  • Reflection and commitment to keeping up with the things you need most during Turing (therapy, journaling, exercise, date night, whatever it is for you)
  • Dentist, dog grooming, other non-urgent appointments (maybe even getting them on the calendar for intermission weeks)
  • Really thinking through your grocery, meal planning, and eating plan
  • Keeping in touch with classmates; maybe setting up some zoom calls to code together or just get to know each other

Please submit your presentation in the submission form (this might be a URL to a Gist, repo, Google Doc - whatever works for you).