At Turing, you’ll have a number of Assessments and Evaluations. These are important opportunities to demonstrate your progress, and they are different from what most students experienced in k-12 education and any college experiences.

Assessments and Evaluations not only give Turing staff data on your progress and help us determine if you are ready for the next step; they are great learning experiences for students that help prepare for interviews while job hunting, and actual work on the job as developers.

The Mod 0 Live Paired Eval gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their Communication, Collaboration, and Technical skills - to show they are ready to start full-time in Mod 1.

What to Expect

Your Mod 0 Instructor will pair you with another student and inform you both of the 30-minute time slot that you will meet for the Eval. Once you both enter the Zoom, your instructor will share a link to a GitHub repository that contains prompts for your work.

You can both expect to Drive and Navigate at some point during the Eval. You can expect to use, and explain, any technical content you’ve learned about in Mod 0. If you are stuck at any point, you are allowed to reference your notes or use a Google search, or even ask for feedback from the staff member!

There will be no “gotchas”. The rubric that follows communicates what we care most about and how you will be evaluated. We are not looking for “coding perfection” or any sort of perfection; we are looking to see that you are ready to be an effective learner and collaborator as a full-time Turing student. You will receive scores for each of the 3 categories in the rubric.

Feedback may be shared directly after the pairing session while still on the call, or over Slack DMs, or in 1:1 Zoom calls with each partner. Feedback is provided to give students a clear sense of where they are in relation to the priorities of the curriculum at any given point - this point is the end of Mod 0, leading into the start of Mod 1.


The Mod 0 Live Paired Eval Rubric is available here