Letter to Instructors


Your instructors are essential facilitators of your learning and journey into software development. They are a group of passionate folks with diverse backgrounds who will all work to get to know each student, and support them through each Module.


Create a new Gist. In it, write a letter introducing yourself to your future instructors. This isn’t just an exercise; they will actually read these and use what they learn about you to start conversations, get to know you, and support you! Although, this is a great opportunity to reflect on these questions for your own benefit, as well.

  • Introduce yourself and share your “why” for taking this step to change your career.
  • What are your strengths? What commitments can you make as far as what/how you will contribute to the cohort and classroom?
  • What do your instructors need to know about you (consider including your working styles, your values, how you like to receive feedback, anything else)?
  • What did you learn about yourself, as a person and a student, during Mod 0?

Make sure to include your full name and pronouns.


Please submit the URL to your Gist in the submission form!