Prepare to Engage

Whether you are starting your day with this activity or wrapping up a long day of technical work with this, take a moment to ground yourself in why you became a student at Turing. This Career Development work is arguably the most valuable component of your education that will lead you into your new career.

Take a moment to reset if needed, meditate, or do some physical stretches/movement to get yourself into the space you need to be in to engage in this work. Some optional guiding questions follow.

  • Why did you come to Turing?
  • What is the thing that will motivate you to keep going on the days/weeks you feel most challenged at Turing?

Mentorship is an integral part of the Turing experience and will help jumpstart your technical career. In order to get your mentor relationship started on the right foot, please complete the following:

Submission & Confirmation

Submit the Mentorship DTR Prep Gist in your submission form.