Mod 0 Calendar

There are two formats for completing Mod 0. Both the classic version and the intensive version involve live sessions, recorded content, self-paced work, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

  • In the classic format, students can expect to work 18-20 hours/week during a three-week period with live sessions in the evening. Mod 0 Classic is recommended for students who desire to continue working a full-time job during daytime working hours leading up to their Mod 1 start date. This is also a good option if your computer skills are below an intermediate level prior to beginning Mod 1, because you have more time to develop those skills.
  • In the intensive format, students can expect to work 10-12 hours/day during a one-week period with live sessions during the day. Mod 0 Intensive is recommended for students who want to experience life as a full-time Turing student. With live sessions daily, students in this format form close relationships with cohort-mates and gain a more realistic picture of their life while at Turing.

Upcoming Mod 0 Start Dates

Table with all upcoming Mod 0 Start Dates

Mod 0 Google Calendar

You can find individual session days and times on the Google calendar linked below. Use the small + sign in the bottom right corner to add this calendar to your Google calendar.