Staff will use the cohort Slack channel as the primary means of communication with students.

Time Commitment

Part Time: Students should expect to spend about 30 hours/week while in Mod 0 - this includes attending live sessions, completing homework, self-paced work on the project, and checking Slack daily. Taking this course while working a full-time (~40 hours/week) job is a great way for students to get an understanding of a realistic week, in regards to timing and scheduling challenges.

Full Time: Students will be expected to join a zoom every morning from approximately 8-9am MT. A handful of other live sessions will be placed on the calendar, schedule will vary based, but students should plan to work for about 10 hours/day each day of the week. Students should not have any other work commitments or responsibilities while taking this course.


Students are expected to attend all scheduled live sessions, on time. Staff will work on a case by case basis with students who communicate any prior commitments or have emergencies arise. If a student must miss a live session, it is the students responsibility to proactively let staff know, and make a plan for how they will make up for any content missed.

Work Submissions

Part Time: Students must complete and submit all homework assignments, on time. The assignments can be found in the Trello board. Students must complete and submit the Mod 0 Project, on time. Most students spend 35-40 hours on it in total, so it is recommended students map our a plan on their calendar to pace themselves towards completion over the 2-3 weeks of Mod 0.

Full Time: Throughout the course, students will submit many pieces of work. Work should be completed and submitted via the provided submission forms, within the timeline outlined by staff. In the event a student gets behind and needs an extension and/or support to adjust schedules to get back on track, it it the students responsibility to proactively reach out and discuss what that could look like. This body of work is a large part of a students opportunity to demonstrate they are progressing through the content and will be able to be successful in Mod 1.


Full Time only: The final check for readiness is in the form of a Live Paired Evaluation. Each student will be paired with another student. A staff member will facilitate a 30 minute evaluation for that pair. During that time, the pair will receive a code challenge and work collaboratively to solve it. Feedback based on the evaluation rubric will be provided either live on the call, live on a separate call, or oer Slack DM.


Students will be provided feedback throughout the course. It is expected that students implement feedback provided by staff - sometimes this will mean revising submissions, sometimes they will just need to implement it in future assignments. Students should also take it upon themselves to frequently self-evaluate; tools will be provided to support students in strengthening their ability to self-evaluate.