Mod 0 - Syllabus


Mod 0 is a prerequisite course for attending Turing. The primary focus of the course is setting students up with the necessary tools and programming foundations to be successful in the full-time course. Students will be evaluated throughout the course on their communication, collaboration, and technical skills.

Computer Literacy Skill Requirements

While computer literacy skills have never been an entry requirement for students at Turing, we recognize that some students may need to spend more time developing these skills to feel comfortable in this remote learning environment. Read through the following skills to identify where you might need to spend more time practicing before starting your Turing journey.

  • Typing Speed: It is recommended that students have an average typing speed of at least 50 words per minute before beginning their journey at Turing. You can test your current typing speed here. If you find that you are not currently typing 50 words per minute or faster, this does not mean you cannot be successful at Turing, but it does mean you will need to improve this skill. Typing quickly and accurately without looking at the keyboard will make many things easier throughout your time at Turing. Another great resource for improving your typing speed when typing in a specific programming language is It’s free to sign up and you can choose your program-specific language to practice.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: The students who are most successful at Turing regularly use keyboard shortcuts to complete routine tasks on the computer. Prior to starting your time in Mod 0, you should be comfortable with at least the following commands:
    • command + c - copy
    • command + v - paste
    • command + x - cut
    • command + f - find words
    • command + s - save a file
    • command + q - quit an application
    • command + tab - switch applications
  • Navigating the Mac Environment: There are many things that are different about using the Mac environment if you’re more familiar with PC. For example, did you know that using two fingers on the trackpad allows you to scroll up and down efficiently? Did you also know that swiping up on your trackpad with three fingers allows you to see all open windows? If this is your first time using a Mac, it is highly recommended that you watch this Mac Tutorial for Beginners and spend some time getting comfortable with your new machine.

Prework Submission - Before Your First Mod 0 Session

The prework linked below must be completed BEFORE your first session! Reach out via Slack if you have any questions.



Students are expected to attend all scheduled live sessions, on time. Staff will work on a case-by-case basis with students who communicate any prior commitments or have emergencies arise. If a student must miss a live session, it is the student’s responsibility to proactively let staff know, and make a plan for how they will make up for any content missed.


The specific schedule for your course and Mod 0 format can be found on the Calendar page. A general overview of each format is listed below.

You can expect to work 18-20 hours throughout Mod 0, including the prework. Each Mod 0 course includes 3 total live sessions, held remotely over Zoom.


All Turing staff members will use Slack as the primary means of communication with students. As an incoming student, any information you need can usually be found in our Turing Slack workspace. As a norm, we expect members of our community to respond to Slack messages within 24 hours.


While we don’t have a traditional grading scale at Turing, your successful completion of this course depends on your ability to complete assignments on time, implement feedback on those assignments, and demonstrate your learning in a live evaluation.

On this page, you will see all assignments organized into segments of work. Each segment is expected to be completed after a corresponding live session.

Required Supplies

This may be your first time learning and/or working in a remote setting. There are a few key tools we recommend to set yourself up for success as a remote student.

  • External Monitor/Display: There are plenty of great used options available on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc. All you really need is something that fits in your workspace and can connect to your MacBook! If you are unable to acquire an external monitor prior to Mod 1, please DM the Mod 0 Lead on Slack and we can discuss other options.
  • USB-C to HDMI Cable: This cable will allow you to connect your MacBook to your external monitor/display. If you are purchasing a new monitor, it will likely come with the cable to you, but you may need to acquire one.
  • Dedicated Workspace: It is crucial to have a workspace that has access to a reliable internet connection and is both quiet and free from distractions. Take time before Mod 0 to build your workspace and experiment with different setups until you find a configuration that works for you.
  • Notebook + Writing Utensils: While you will be working on your laptop while you code, work on projects, etc., we recommend using a physical notebook to take notes during class and workshops.

Optional Supplies

  • Headphones with Microphone: While your Turing-issued laptop has built-in speakers and a microphone, if your workspace has a lot of ambient noise, it might be a good idea to invest in headphones + microphone.
  • USB-C Hub: Your Turing-issued laptop only has 2 ports. You’ll need one for your charger and one for your external monitor. If you require more ports, a USB-C Hub is a great idea!
  • Laptop Stand: These can be useful when using a separate keyboard and for preventing strain on your neck. This also creates more real estate for your workspace.
  • External Keyboard: You may benefit from using a different keyboard than the integrated one in your laptop, especially if you are using a laptop stand. If you plan to use a wired keyboard, you’ll likely need the USB-C hub mentioned above to connect to your keyboard in addition to your charger and monitor.


We do our best to work with students who need additional accommodations while attending Turing. If this applies to you, please review this form prior to starting Mod 0 at Turing and communicate with the Mod 0 Lead.

Enrollment Questions

In order to secure a seat as a student at Turing, one must complete all the registration paperwork (including uploading a HS Transcript) and pay their deposit. If you have any questions regarding your status with those items or your start dates, please first check your Populi account. If you still have questions or need to make a change to your enrollment status, please email

Tuition Questions

If you are enrolled in Mod 0, that means you’ve paid your deposit. The remainder of your tuition is due 30 days prior to your Mod 1 start date. Turing does provides financial counseling, however, it is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of that resource if needed, and that should be done well in advance of the tuition deadline as exceptions will not be made. To set up a financial counseling session or ask clarifying questions about your tuition, please email