Module 1 Pre-work

In order to make you as successful as possible during your time here, we have collected readings and exercises for you to complete prior to beginning Mod 1. This pre-work helps provide important context, vocabulary, and baseline of skills to help you hit the ground running on the first day of class. We’ve found that students who come into the program having invested time in familiarizing themselves with key concepts are able to maximize their time at Turing.

Mod 1 Prework Overview

The Mod 1 Prework is divided into three sections: Technical, Professional Development, and Gear Up. It is recommended that you start AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on your Mod 1 Prework, as it typically takes about 40 hours to complete.

Pre-work Assignments

The following assignments are due based on your Mod 0 section and can be found on the Mod 0 calendar

The pre-work is made up of 3 parts:

Professional Development (2 hours)

Turing is not just a school where you learn to code. Turing’s curriculum focuses on both technical and professional development.

Please thoroughly read the directions and provide as much information as possible to the Career Development team. If you have questions on this prework, please reach out to Allison Reu Singer (@allison_reu_singer) on Slack.

You can find the professional development assignments here. Submission instructions are included.

Technical Prework (Program Specific) (~ 35 hours)

The technical Mod 1 Prework is split up into 5 sections, including a Final Prep set of exercises. Each section builds on the previous section in terms of technical content and complexity, so be sure to go in order!

At Turing, you will have to code every single day to stay on top of the workload and build muscle memory for everything you’ve learned. This prework is designed to get you into that essential routine before day one of class.

After completing the technical pre-work, you should be able to do the following:

  • Be comfortable navigating your development environment and using your tools (Atom, Chrome, the console, and the command line)
  • Develop a basic knowledge of Ruby (for back-enders) or JavaScript (for front-enders)

The links below will take you to the Github page that contains all the Technical work. Scroll through the page to find the instructions for getting your computer setup and getting started.

FAQs on Technical Prework

  • Your prework due date is based on your Mod 0 cohort - Check your Mod 0 calendar to see when the prework is due.If you are not starting Turing right after completing Mod 0, we have some recommended extensions to keep your skills sharp!
  • Do NOT work on your technical prework within Github’s interface - Part of the technical prework involves getting you used to working on your work locally (on your computer) and then pushing your changes to GitHub. If you are working directly in Github’s interface to edit your work, you will likely run into some issues keeping your work in sync.

Gear Up (2 hours)

Gear up is a part of our curriculum where we talk about topics such as privilege and power, and ethical issues in the tech industry. Here is the Gear Up Assignment.

The gear up assignment will be submitted with the technical pre-work. Instructions can be found on the finalProject README of the technical pre-work.

Next Steps / Extensions

Have some extra time before starting Mod 1? Jump here to check out our extension ideas!