Mod 0 - Back End & Front End Prework

The prework linked below must be completed BEFORE your first session! Reach out via Slack if you have any questions.

Prework - Complete Before Session 1

Prework Submission

Once you have completed all your prework items, please create a new Github Gist that includes the following:

  1. A header that says “Mod 0 Gist - [Your Name]”
  2. A subheader with your pronouns, cohort, and program (BE or FE).
  3. An “About Me” section with an introduction about who you are and why you decided to come to Turing.
  4. A link to your slack thread post of your loom Intro Video. (You can find this link by hovering over your slack thread post, clicking the three dots, then selecting Copy Link)
  5. Be sure to save the file as a markdown file by using a .md file type. For example, you might name the file
  6. Check that the Gist is public, not private.
  7. Bookmark this Gist - you will be adding to it in the future (read the Notes below)!
  8. Submit this Gist via this submission link no later than the Sunday before your first Mod 0 session.

Important Notes

Throughout Mod 0 you will have many opportunities to practice the information you learn. One of the ways we have you reflect on your learnings is by answering CFU (Check For Understanding) questions. At the end of each live lesson and homework lesson, there will be a set of CFUs for you to respond to. To track these responses, we will have you use the same Mod 0 Gist you submit as your prework. You will be able to add to this gist throughout Mod 0 and instructors will be able to see those updates and provide feedback.

If you get stuck when creating this Gist, refer back to the Markdown lesson.

Here is a sample of how you might structure your Mod 0 Gist file:

# Mod 0 Gist - Kayla Gordon
## she/her - 2310 - Frontend

## About Me
I am a former educator who loves my dog. I'm excited to join Turing because...

## Intro Video Link
[Link](URL to slack thread here...)

You cannot begin Mod 0 until this prework is submitted. Reach out via Slack early if you have any questions or concerns!